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Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange Program


Accepting Family Law and Domestic Relations Court Order / Mediated Agreement

Family and Court Services, LLC

Program provides supervised visitation and monitored exchanges 

  • Current Court Order / Mediated Agreement is required

  • Specified services offered upon request

  • After hours visitations or exchanges

  • Parents must complete orientation prior to service initiation



All visitations and exchanges are under surveillance.

Restraining Orders


If there is a restraining order or injunction in place, this is no problem as we have plenty of space and more than one entrance in the center. There will be no violations or contact between the parties.



Family Law supervised visitation and monitored exchange center is dedicated to providing a secure, hassle-free visitation or exchange, while keeping the children safe at all times.

Supervised visitation allows parents in high conflict, or domestic cases, have access to their child(ren) in a safe and supervised environment by a trained and approved supervisor / observer. This method allows parents to have access and supports the parent child relationship. Reports are generated after each visit.

Supervisors have completed training through Florida State University's Clearinghouse on Supervised Visitation, including sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Electronic reports of visitation are maintained and available upon request.

Family and Court Services, LLC

Members of the

Supervised Visitation Network

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